Once you see what God is doing in these United Church faith communities, you may begin to see signs of how God is renewing the church for the world all over the place!

There are churches which are creating multi-site worship opportunities with rural congregations in Northern Ontario.

There are four congregations in Montreal & Ottawa Conference which have trained lay worship leaders and oversight by one ordained minister, and have come together to form the Genesis Cooperative.

A congregation in Calgary decided to hold a conversation with their community – and discovered just how important they are beyond the four walls of their church.

For even more stories, please see The Hope Collection too!

Watch some other stories in this video of Ministries Across Canada.

We are all familiar with the narrative of inevitable decline and increasing irrelevance of “church” to people today. There is another story, about how God is helping people of all ages find deep connection, spiritual nurture, guidance for life and ways to make a difference in their world through vital United Church ministries. These are ministries that have made the changes necessary to make gospel community accessible to a post-modern society. They are exciting, vital, spirit-filled and growing United Church communities of faith, but not all of them are “box, book and preacher” models (church building, bible and preacher).


Reweaving theconnectional fabricthat makes us United.

See some stories of hope
from across Canada and the world.

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Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips is an open invitation to be curious. Using an ancient story as inspiration, John Pentland reflects on how Hillhurst United said 'Yes' to throwing the nets on the other side of convention. The result was innovative, invigorating and transformative.

This book is for leaders, councils, boards, and small groups who want to invite true change that matters.

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