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A user guide for all kinds of faith communities and a webinar showing how one congregation is using its report

Environics Ministry Report: User Guide

How to use your Environics Report


Looking for help with using your Environics report?  There are trained Environics facilitators who are regionally based, who are able to support congregations and community ministries in this work.  If you wish to take advantage of a regional facilitator, please contact Joanne Rose who will be able to provide you with the names of facilitators in your region.

Purpose and Potential Benefits

The report provides a demographic and social value profile of ministry participants and the community, which can help foster reflection toward a renewed sense of purpose and mission strategy. Read more about the benefits of an Environics report.


Reports take approximately 7–10 business days to produce once the service area for the report has been defined.


For the current costs of an Environics Report, please contact Joanne Rose.

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Embracing the Spirit is a new learning network and innovation fund. It aims to spur innovation, pilot new programs, support successful initiatives, create a learning network for faith communities, and support both new and renewing faith communities across the United Church of Canada.

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